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Activities Beyond Curriculum


The students  are exposed to experiential learning than a typical classroom teaching. Department believed that passing the examination is only a by-product of knowledge assimilation and acquisition. In this regard department has taken lot of beyond curriculum initiatives that provide exposure and develop the analytical and decision making abilities.



Students exposed to various case studies and caselets ranging from local to international in all subjects. In this process student will learn situational leadership.


Department encourages students to prepare and make presentation on fundamentals of all the subjects to bring clarity in thoughts and actions. Healthy discussions are encouraged to develop critical evaluation skills.


For students to be successful; it requires their ability to comprehend spontaneous and react to situation. To develop this skills the department conducts subject Viva to develop response quotient. Mini-project Students take up socially relevant projects between second and third semester to learn critical evaluation.


They enable students to understand the situation and to generate ideas for solving things in a holistic manner. Skill development activities. World class outbound training is provided by “Pegasus” to develop overall personality and leadership qualities.

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